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Mr G Venkat Naveen is a successful real-estate developer, entrepreneur, and financial investor. Ever since he founded Navanaami in 2005, he has been integral in ensuring that each Navanaami project is the epitome of sustainable luxury. He is a veteran entrepreneur with a longstanding decorated background in Real Estate and the IT industry. Under his able leadership Navanaami has inspired the goodwill and loyalty of thousands of patrons due to an eagle eye for detail and an undying focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Naveen Gadde

Founder and Managing Director

Our Culture

Our Culture

Navanaami was conceived out of a dream to create contemporary and alluring living spaces that aren’t just addresses but iconic landmarks. Our highly qualified team of builders, designers, architects, and engineers are driven to ensure that every Navanaami project is delivered with the highest attention to detail with the most modern amenities and comforts so that our patrons can work, live and play in the lap of luxury. Our track record of excellence has made us one of the most trusted and sought after builders in India.

Our Design Values

Our projects go through the most stringent quality checks and inspections before getting a stamp of approval.


Our projects are built to coexist in perfect symphony with nature. We use the highest grade ethically sourced materials in our projects.


We use architecture and design practices that wed together the highest ideals of beauty and practical utility.


We use creative design and lateral thinking to create living spaces that maximize the project’s natural potential to be aesthetically pleasing.

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